Friday, April 27, 2007

Bridge Art Fair- Day 2

Ah, a good nights sleep helped. We were able to spend the morning installing the show and I think it came together pretty well. We have certainly learned a lot in the last 24 hours on how to best approach these fair situations. The people running the fair have been great and quite acccommadating. During the professional preview I was able to meet a number of the other dealers most of which are great and generous people.

One of the galleries that stood out to me at Bridge was Rowland Contemporary from Chicago, some wonderful artists and one of the best paintings I have seen here thus far. I will try and get more on them later in the week.

More Indiana artists I have seen in the fair, Judith G. Levy had a small work at Navta Schulz Gallery, Philip Lynam had three paintings in Thomas Robertello's Gallery, Brose Partington has two kinetic sculptures at Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, Ex-Indy artist Jeremy Tubbs had his own booth as part of The Artist Project section of Art Chicago, and though I have not yet been to Art Chicago I hear that Lenore Thomas has some works over there.

The public opening tonight was pretty nice, got to meet some very interesting people and had some ineresting conversations about the art. I think things are looking good and expect things to be even better tomorrow. One of the my favorite comments I recieved tonight in regards to my own work came from a wonderfully nice lady who stated, "what I like most about your paintings is that they just look at you and say FUCK YOU, ya know..." Made my night. I hope to see the Art Chicago Show and the Insight show tomorrow and perhaps the Katharina Grosse show at the Rennaisance Society on Saturday. What more could I ask for this weekend. Lots of art and the opening of an exhibition by Grosse, one of my favorite artists working today. Come see us if you can. Were here till Monday night.

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