Thursday, May 03, 2007

Recent Projects/Bridge - Wrap Up...

[image by artist Jason Karolak, Rowland Contemporary, image from artists website]

Well as you may very well have guessed, I ran out of time and energy to get around to posting each day at Bridge. I must say that I certainly learned a lot from the experience and met some wonderful and interesting people. Having never been on the booth watching side of an art fair before made for some anxiety and stress but once things were all set up and people started coming by I felt much more comfortable but still a bit disoriented. I spent a good deal of my time watching other dealers, looking at booth layouts and watching fair patrons. Should I stand or should I sit? Should I greet people as they come in or wait until they have spent some time in the space? Should we hang more works in the space or try and keep it somewhat minimal? These are all things going through my head each day at the fair. That doesn't even include the ordeals on pricing of work. I think over all we had a well hung space and some really good prices on our work, though on a few occasions a couple other dealers suggested we double some of our prices. We had the opportunity to chat with some wonderful people from London, LA, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Miami, and more. Many of the dealers I chatted with daily were quite approachable and entertaining. I certainly enjoyed my stay.

The picture above is of my favorite painting at the Bridge Fair. I went back and looked at this painting several times over the course of the weekend. In fact I enjoyed most of the art that Rowland Contemporary had to show. While visiting their space I had the opportunity to meet Duncan and Amanda from Bad at Sports, making their final rounds at Bridge. They were exactly as I imagined them. Also, while at the fair I made a purchase of a wonderfully fun drawing from Sam Lee Gallery in LA by artist Macha Suzuki. Below is a picture similar to the drawing I bought. Who wouldn't love a squirrel in a wrestling mask? I was even able to do some curating business while there and found a few artists I expect to bring to Indianapolis for some form of exhibition. Things were exciting and overall worth the trip. I hope we can do it again next year. Well since I have a lack of pictures to show you all from the fairs, I will cut this short but if you get the chance next year, I recommend going up there next year as I expect things will be even better now that the new management of Artropolis will have had this year to learn from.

[image, untitled (squirrel drawings), ink, colored pencil on paper, from Macha Suzuki's web site]

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Anonymous said...
May 4, 2007 at 11:07 PM

Both of that artist's paintings were awesome. Good eye Scott. I am really glad you guys did this b/c the concept of taking Indy art outside of Indy all of the sudden doesn't seem quite so foreign to so many people here. It is a very necessary step in the evolution of Indy.

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