Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NERS: Magical Wonderfulness

NERS currently has a solo show at Big Car Gallery in Indianapolis called Magical Wonderfulness. The iconography in this body of work is largely based on animals, which is inspired by NERS' experiences in national parks during his voyage. Animals have often figured into his artwork in the past, but they are especially prominent here. The familiar rainbows that NERS loves to utilize are also present, but in Magical Wonderfulness the art has become decidedly more violent. There is lots of gore and disembowelment throughout the work, which provides an interesting juxtaposition to the rather light and flowery iconographic elements that the violence combines with in these drawings. There is also a great emphasis on what is drawn due to the large amounts of negative space, which is used as a compositional element. Since there are few backdrops or background details, each image commands the viewer's full attention.

For more pictures, information and an artist interview visit OUTPOSTS FROM THE MATERIAL WORLD

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