Friday, August 03, 2007

Weekend Preview

Blogging has been quite sparse these past couple weeks as I have been quite busy with curating a few shows, hanging art for the fringe festival, and working at making a few changes at Big Car. With any luck I hope to get a couple more posts up this weekend along with an interview that is past due. In the mean time, this weekend there are a number of interesting shows to check out. Hope to see you out there.

work by Patrick W. Gillespie

Opening Reception, 6pm - 10pm

Big Car Gallery
Visionaries & Voices,

Visionaries & Voices (V&V)., the Cincinnati, Ohio studio for artists with disabilities, is taking their message of collaboration and inspiration on the road to Indianapolis with their first regional exhibition "Outsiders Unite: A Retrospective of Recent Visionary Works by V&V Artists." Showcasing sculptures, paintings, drawings and prints from the Cincinnati-based studio, the V&V artists are branching out for the first time to exhibit their work at a regional gallery.

Opening Reception, 6pm - Midnight

Galerie Penumbra
Two on View,
works by Tom Mueller and Lon Hall

Opening Reception, 5pm - 9pm

Harrison Center for the Arts
Asthmatic Kitty Records and their Unusual Animals series will host the third Unusual Animals party. This event will feature an Asthmatic Kitty artist, as well as highlight local risk-taking musicians and artists. The Indianapolis Unusual Animals party is curated by Future Rapper, whose release, Land of a Thousand Rappers is due out on August 7. Artists include Greg Ajamie, Elizabeth Sparrow Boring, Scott Grow, Cindy Hinant, Kyle Ragsdale, Casey Roberts, and SPPR.

Music begins at 8:30 and will include Actuel/Paren, Bronze Float and Pope Whiter.
Big Car Gallery will present "I am another you," featuring live surrealist theater and music. Future Rapper, also known as Michael Kaufmann, A&R for Asthmatic Kitty Records, will present a PowerPoint lecture on temporal collapse.

Artist Reception, 6pm - 10pm

Ruschman Art Gallery
Gallery Artists,
works by represented artists

Opening Reception, 6pm - 9pm

Indy Fringe Festival
VisualFringe 2007,
VisualFringe is a series of non-juried exhibitions of work by area visual artists accepted on a first-come, first-in basis until the exhibitions are full. VisualFringe opens on Friday, August 3, coinciding with the IDADA First Friday Walk, in multiple galleries along Massachusetts Avenue.

VisualFringe exhibitions include:
-The Beilouny, 757 Massachusetts Ave.
-Herron School of Art
-Primary Colors Exchange Art. Artists exhibit available art (which a visitor can acquire by simply writing on a public display why they like the work.)
-Primary Colors Installation Art. Art goes mobile as it travels through IndyFringe in a unique display of installation art.
-Precious Mettles Gallery, 884 Massachusetts Ave.
-Mike Loudermilk Photography, 882 Massachusetts Ave.
-McFee Gallery of Modern Art, 874 Massachusetts Ave.
-Franklin Barry Gallery at the Frame Shop, 617 Massachusetts Ave.
-Graffiti Art Pit. IndyFringe visitors can add to the collective wisdom of the Fringe community by contributing to the Graffiti Art Pit in the 800 Block of Mass Ave.
-Artistic Spirit Gallery, 624 East Walnut Street #22. Visionary or Outsider artists are "outside" of mainstream art, even if someone did teach them how to draw, or just on the edge of society in general. They have a compulsion to make art, sometimes without knowing why, and often after a life-changing experience. Circumstances may have dealt them issues with which they continually struggle and are trying to resolve through their work. They provide exposure into their world, real or imaginary, and help us understand it and them a bit better. Exhibit located in the Earth House at Lockerbie United Methodist Church, 237 North East Street.

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Assistive technology said...
August 9, 2007 at 6:43 PM

It makes me sad that an exhibit for disabled artists would be headed by "Outsiders Unite". It's true, our society does very little to include them, but I can't help but think that this adds to that way of thinking.

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