Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More IMA news has brought to my attention, via their post, that the IMA has just declared a moratorium on acquiring archaeological pieces lacking documentation prior to 1970. For all the details you should really read their article or check out the IMA's Press Release. With the constant barrage of issues and concerns about ownership of these type of artifacts that have been popping up all over the place the past several years I think this is a smart move and one that I believe a lot more museums may, if not already, be adopting. Taking care of and exhibiting art is hard enough with out having to deal with international law and public opinion on these issues.

In other unrelated news, it appears that the IMA is hiring a new Curator of Design. This following the recent loss of Barry Shifman. According to the IMA's post on the job boards of the American Association of Museums:

The IMA seeks a dynamic individual to preserve, study, document, exhibit and
interpret works in the field of 20th century and contemporary design and
architecture. This chosen individual will be responsible for proposal and
development of national and international exhibitions, publications, and
education programs dealing with contemporary design, architecture, industrial
and environmental design, etc. that explore current social issues to
enhance/expand the museum's national role. Research activities resulting from
both personal knowledge and previous experience will cover a wide range of
topics from American architects and architectural history and design, 20th and
21st century art and artists, to history of the design arts.

The Requirement are listed as follows:

M.A. Art History (or equivalent) required, Ph.D preferred. Minimum 5 years' experience in collections management through previous museum position at level of Associate/Assistant Curator. Extensive general knowledge of design aesthetics and production, with an emphasis on modern and contemporary architecture and design. Commitment to scholarship through research, publications, and/or exhibitions. Acquisitions experience a must.

Well, some more structural and institutional changes are still playing out over at the IMA and I am still quite optimistic that these changes are for the best. I am now interested in seeing what the IMA is going to do in regards to their public outreach to younger audiences and how this relationship will develop and evolve over time. Oh an aside, there have been two new press releases posted by the IMA over the past week, thank you press department.

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