Sunday, February 11, 2007

What has your Arts Council done for you?

Almost $3 million in grants, that's what. Full story in the IBJ here...

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Richard said...
February 12, 2007 at 1:24 PM

An excellent article on what is an unbelievably succesful orginzation so far.

If you don't read the article, you should know this:

The budged for the Arts Council is currently 5.5m, and 3m goes out each year in grants.

Yes, that's 3m going out each year. That is amazing.

We are lucky to have such a strong orginization.

The only thing that worries me is that it will slow down, and recieve less money. I should think it will continue to take some Indianapolis residents some time to understand the importance of this orginization.

Continuing to improve Indianapolis relies on a strong art base. It not only makes the city more appealing and engaging to visitors, but to its residents. Even if you haven't gone downtown to see the recent public art displays, your city has benefited. And as a resident, you have benefited.

Didn't the Arts council put out a pamphelet recently that demonstrated the economic impact that 'the arts' are having here.

An excellent anology to the arts council is the Colts Franchise. People always say how important a winning team is to the city, and the franchise says how important it is to have a high-end stadium to host important sport events.

The same could be said for 'the arts.' If you have important 'art events' in the city, it will bring not only visitors, but residents out to look at them (the subtext here, is that they will then spend some money while they are out). Who knows, maybe indianapolis will make a bid for the "art super bowl," and someday become a city that hosts an annual international art show... okay, so I dream.

If this city is willing to support the Colts financially, why shouldn't we be willing to continue supporting and improving the arts in Indianapolis. No doubt the city would say that residents that don't watch or care about the Colts would benefit from having the Super Bowl here in 2008.

Now, if only, we could start an Indianpolis Restaraunt Council to inspire and improve the local restaurants (I joke, but that would be cool with me).

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