Friday, February 09, 2007

More on the "Big O"

This is the second installment submitted by architects around Indianapolis whom I have asked to weigh in on matters concerning some recent architectural commissions that may be happening in the near future in Indianapolis. You can read the first submission here.

While we applaud the extension of the canal green space to the North and the proposed changes to the confusing traffic circulation in that area, we can’t help but find the proposed Icon “Circle” a trite representation of our “Circle City.” As Indianapolis strives to position itself as a world class city embracing new ideas, technologies and government/private sector relationships, the unavoidable symbolism of a Midway attraction reduces the city’s aspirations to carnival antics. No new ground has been broken and similar structures can be found in more practical use at amusement parks around the country.What seemed to be a call to represent the best our city has to offer in physical form giving has resulted in another confirmation of our lack of understanding of good design.

- Anonymous

For more discussion on what is great architecture in this country, please visit this post by Time Magazine's Richard Lacayo. A prime example of what happens when the general public can vote on what truly makes a great building in this country: The Dolphin & Swan Hotels at Disney World is ranked above the Guggenheim in NY and there is not even a mention of Zaha Hadid. To the peoples credit, they did include Wrigley Field - boy is that a great place to watch a baseball game (and I was glad to see Richard agreed with me on that one).

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