Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

[image, Vomit, a painting by Marilyn Minter; for some reason this painting seemed to invoke New Years to me]

Well, Christopher and I both realize that the past couple of weeks have been a little slow on the postings to the blog but as you all surely know, the holidays always take over more of your life than you expect. Now that the holidays are over you can expect to see more activity here at On the Cusp.

The New Year will bring along some other changes to On the Cusp as well. Chris and I have been searching the city for a talented blog designer to make a few alterations to the site. We plan to revamp the look of On the Cusp to make it more aesthetically pleasing (and a little less generic looking) as well as add some new features that should make the blog much more user friendly. And that is not all. I still have hopes of finding at least two new, talented writers for the blog that should give us some new perspectives and some added content. Unfortunately our current situation does not allow us to pay any of our writers. We will also be putting into place the ability for On the Cusp to have video and podcasting capabilities. My hope is to have these changes finished in the next month or two at the latest.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and we hope you have a great year.

p.s.- I hope that within the New Year, Blogger's own spell check will finally recognize the word "blog".

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