Thursday, January 05, 2006

Primary Colours show at Stutz,,,,

This is a very short post as I'm tired and off to bed. But, for First Friday, make sure and go to the Stutz Gallery and check out the Primary Colours show. As stated in the press release, this is a big group show without any cohesiveness except for the artists' exhibition history, but there are a couple of highlights.

Jeff Martin's piece is really nice. But the one I would have bought if I had more than $12 in my checking account is Rebecca Lyon's 'Tut Tut'. It's very strong and you need to go buy it unless she decides to take $5/wk payments from me for the next few years...

Hopefully I will have visuals up soon, but wanted to make sure people made it tomorrow. Also, closing reception for Nicci Herren's show at Flux. I know it's been mentioned a lot here but it's really a great little space and a great show. Plus rumor has it there will be a couple of new pieces tomorrow so go see some art!!!!!

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