Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Simultaneous Lectures: Indy Art and Globalization


Simultaneous Lectures on Feb. 24

7 p.m. at Central Library, free

Local cultural experts will simultaneously present short lectures with powerpoint on the topic of art and culture in Indianapolis and its role in the global scheme of things. Yes, these lecturers (in two groups of five) will present at the same time. These two rounds will be followed by a moderated discussion/conversation with the panelists and the audience.

Lecturers: Gautam Rao, Kelli Mirgeaux, Andy Fry, Craig McCormick, Michael Kaufmann, Wil Marquez, Flounder Lee, Anna Landsman, John Clark and Richard McCoy. Moderated by Jim Walker and Michael Runge.

This is part of the IndyTalks series and is the first of Big Car's Made for Each Other events this winter and spring at Central Library in partnership with IMCPL and Know No Stranger.

The event's goal is to help start some thought or continue some thought about the role of art now in our city and how that connects with the role of art in the world and how art in our city --and this is broad so it includes architecture, the internet, etc. -- connects us with the rest of the world in physical ways (people visit here, we visit there or move here or there) and in virtual ways via the internet.

1 Responses to “Simultaneous Lectures: Indy Art and Globalization”

Laurenzo said...
February 23, 2010 at 10:36 AM

The Simultaneous lecture sounds like a good time and great concept. Too bad I'll be in Deutsche class.

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