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I have been looking forward to tonights opening at iMOCA, where they will be presenting a two person exhibition surrounding the alien, cryptozological, magical, or simply wonderous worlds of local artists Lori Miles and Casey Roberts. Two artists I have written about here in the past. I have seen some of the pieces for this show along the way and imagine you will enjoy seeing the presented here. This show welcomes you with a sense of playfulness that I think will be warmly excepted. But, do not take my word for it. Come on out and see for yourself. 

iMOCA presents:Phenomenon

From iMOCA's Press Release:

Join us on  October 9 from 6-9 p.m., to celebrate the opening of our latest exhibition, "Phenomenon," featuring Indianapolis artists Casey Roberts and Lori Miles. The show includes their interpretations of unexplained phenomenon such as UFOs and Sasquatch and is linked with a series of events featuring internationally known experts on these topics..

The The show runs at iMOCA through November 21, 340 N. Senate Avenue. It is linked with the Big Curiosities series at Central Library that features lectures by internationally known Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and UFO expert Stanton Friedman.

Art Talk: Lori Miles and Casey Roberts on "Phenomenon"

Miles, an assistant professor of art at DePauw University who works in sculpture and installation, has a long-standing interest in exploring the unexplained and the unexplainable. "I love information that can't be acquired by traditional methods of inquiry - religion, art, and marginalized ideas/ideology like UFOlogy - those things that can't be proven or verified or studied into existence," she said.

Roberts's work, which is created through a photochemical process called cyanotype, often illustrates a fantastic landscape and represents nature's subtle way of dealing with the peculiar aspects in the relationship with mankind.

For more information call (317) 634-6622 or log on to

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