Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Contributors Wanted: OtC Wants You!

Many of you may already know, but I am leaving at the end of the month for a two month artist residency in Berlin. While I will have my laptop with me in which to continue to post some of the weekend previews and press releases I receive while abroad, it is my inclination that being over seas will cut me off from the local grape vine and certainly from the exhibitions and events that take place in my absence. I am reaching out to you our readers to see if anyone is interested and willing to volunteer your time and efforts to begin posting for OnTheCusp while I am away. I would love it if someone would be willing to write the occassional review of shows, news items, thoughts and observations, studio visits, interviews, or whatever visual arts related writings you feel are relevant to our readership. You are welcome to write what you want. If you prefer to work with video rather than write, that option is open to you as well. I hope to find some willing participants amongst you our readers. There must be a closet arts writer or critic among you. Here is your opportunity. Your efforts will be very welcome indeed. I will consider posting about my trip to Berlin on a weekly or every other week basis while gone, if you all would be interested in that. But even with those posts, I would love to have a couple new contributors lined up. If you decide you like doing it, and our audience wants to read more of your posts, you are welcome to post as long as you desire. 

If you are interested in giving it a trial run, please email me at scottgrowstudio@gmail.com. Thank you all. 

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