Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeing Stars

Okay, in an attempt to let our readers offer up some feedback on the content we offer, I have updated the blog to allow for you to rate each post from 1-5 stars. What will this do? Well, that is uncertain at this time, but I imagine it will give us a good understanding of what our readers enjoy and dislike, in the context of individual posts. If we see that certain types of posts are what everyone enjoys and would like to see more of, then we may very well begin moving in that direction. Though, in short, I simply like surveys, ratings, and the like. We are interested in your opinions. So, if you read a post, simply click on the star rating you feel best fits and that is it. The star rating option can be found at the bottom of each post, next to the comments link.

I am currently in the works of arranging a few interviews that should be interesting and informative, so keep an eye out for these in the coming week. And with any luck and some timing, I hope to post a couple late reviews of some shows around town. That is a lot in the works for me this week, so they may only filter out a bit slowly but they will come none the less. Enjoy.

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