Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Online Magazine Worth Checking Out

I found out about a new online magazine earlier today from an email from the CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non Objective Art), an organization I have long been a fan of. After checking out a number of the articles they have posted, I must say I am a fan, or rather I believe I will be if they continue along the lines they have developed so far.

The magazine, "Art, Design and Publicity: an online blog-mag journal" states the following;

Art, Design and Publicity delivers news, features and reviews about Art and Design in the Age of Mass Media. This online journal takes a closer look at art and design marketing. AD&P also looks at the behind-the-scenes processes and contexts of media constructions that shape what we read and hear.

I have had a growing interest in the behind the scenes of such ventures as marketing and PR, particularly when it comes to contemporary visual arts. I have long wondered, in the sea of say stripe painters out there, how one or two of those make it to stardom while others remain virtual unknowns. Not that all stripe paintings are created equal exactly but I think you all get the gist of my analogy. Is an artist better off spending money on postcards and/or catalogs for their shows or spend that money on a PR agent? Where would you even begin to find one anyway? Hell, I have no idea of some of these things and I can only assume many of you do not either. Perhaps in upcoming posts/issues of AD&P, we may begin to learn more about such things and better understand on how to incorporate some of these ideas or practices into our own efforts.

Follow the link above to check out all their posts to date, but in the meantime, here are a couple posts I thought were quite interesting:

The PR guy: Caught out on Abu Dhabi (Skull 2.0)(Extended remix) This particular article shed a lot of light, for me, on the seedier side of the goings on with Abu Dhabi and the UAE. If you are planning on going anytime, you should read this first.

The design editor: "The architect is a wanker" Ever wonder why so much of what you read in architecture, art, and design magazines are becoming increasingly more "puff pieces"? Then read this interview.

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R.J. Preece said...
July 19, 2009 at 5:38 AM

Dear Scott,
Thank you for the encouraging review.

We will be releasing three book reviews (one from the UK, Germany and the US) of Jackie Battenfield's new book "The Artist's Guide" which addresses the professional practice things you mention above. Two reviews are in, and they are glowing. One artist-reviewer who had been discouraged says now she "CAN DO IT!" The book has real how-to stuff in it.

The press release pack from the publisher is very informative. If you end up testing the plans provided, we'd definitely like to hear how it goes!

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