Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Shifts at iMOCA

For those who have not yet heard the news via the grapevine or other local news sources, there have been more changes with iMOCA (Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art), its mission, its programing and internal structure. I know that for several months a number of people I have talked to were worried that iMOCA was on the verge of implosion. This new turn of events will hopefully light a new fire of immediacy and vibrancy into their upcoming programing and offer them a chance for long term survival in Indy.

IMOCA's Press Release:

Efroymson Returns as Executive Director of iMOCA
Contemporary Museum’s New Structure Returns to Its Original Mission

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) today announced a re-formatting of its programming and structure. While continuing to present exhibitions at its flagship location at 340 North Senate Avenue, iMOCA will return to its early mission of taking art out to the community by presenting contemporary art at other venues. It will also increase the diversity and range of its shows by inviting a variety of arts professionals to vie for the opportunity to curate upcoming shows.

Leading the change in programming will be Jeremy Efroymson who returns as interim Executive Director. Efroymson has been a part of iMOCA since its inception more than ten years ago and has owned several previous roles including those of board member, Executive Director and donor.

“It’s not news to anyone that it’s a tough time for arts organizations,” said Efroymson. “We’re taking a serious look at how to create a sustainable financial future for iMOCA and make it accessible to more people. We strongly believe that iMOCA plays a critical role in raising our city’s cultural awareness and we are committed to continuing to hold some of the best contemporary art shows in the region and in the nation that maintain the iMOCA tradition of the esthetic appeal our community expects. Namely, showcasing talent that delivers contemporary art of a national and international caliber.”

Currently showing at iMOCA are photographs by Jen Davis. For more information about iMOCA, visit or call 317-634-6622.

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1 Responses to “New Shifts at iMOCA”

Anonymous said...
June 4, 2009 at 3:31 PM

This could be a really good thing. What a chance to make IMOCA more accessable, relatable and exciting.

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