Monday, June 08, 2009

First Friday - Greg The Mayor at Big Car

Under the theme “The Shape of Things”, Greg The Mayor, a.k.a. Greg Andrews, displayed photography of women. His formats were varied among sizes, black & white, color, and composition. His subjects are wrapped in stories of something going on but leaves it to the viewer to decide just what.

Greg describes his work as revealing “American culture's voyeuristic fascination with other people's fantasies”. His self-professed appreciation of women is evident. Greg works at getting beyond the female models’ shapes and into their idiosyncrasies.

I find those goals to be successful. Greg’s women are cute, sexy, and provocative without being overtly erotic which would be so tempting to do. Each photo is tagged with a clichéd shaped pricing label that includes a description along with title and price. The wording of the labels can almost be distracting from the photos because they’re so humorously appropriate that you’ve just got to read each one.

Being at Big Car on an opening night is like being at a party. Music provided by DJs ASquared provided just the right atmosphere.


Big Car
1043 Virginia Ave., Suite 215
Indianapolis, IN 46203

1 Responses to “First Friday - Greg The Mayor at Big Car”

Jim Walker said...
June 10, 2009 at 3:05 PM

thanks for doing these video reviews. These really give people a feel for the experience on First Fridays.

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