Sunday, June 07, 2009

First Friday - Brian Phillips at Wug's

Eat * Drink * Paint

Brian Phillips is unabashedly open about being influenced by Picasso and Basquiat. It’s not particularly fashionable to owe a tribute to Picasso. But he’s so powerfully engrained in any conversation about the roots of modern art that Phillips is refreshing in obviously developing a style that pays homage.

Phillips' route takes him to a flatter plane. His larger pieces generally contain words and symbols that can be deciphered. But one has to take the time to peruse an entire piece to find the positive messages of hope.

Using found wood like old flooring or barn siding has become his favorite surface. Combined with the clean, deliberately painted lines, the recycled wood provides a texture that exudes a life to the paintings that would be missing if painted on canvas or paper.

Phillips' work is priced in a range that if you are interested in starting or adding to a collection of local artists, this would be a show to take advantage of and enjoy.


Fridays and Saturdays, 12-4, through June 27.
Indianapolis IN 46202

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