Thursday, April 02, 2009

Todd Bracik at Big Car (a brief Q&A)


April 3 -- First Friday 6 p.m. to midnight.

Featuring artwork by Todd Bracik and live ambient music by Shiny Black Shirt.

Here's a question and answer session with Todd Bracik, one of the artists in the Big Car Collective. He's shown work many times in Indianapolis and in the Chicago area -- as well as in Slovenia.

Q. What got you involved and interested?

A. "They were just going to throw this away!" is a common phrase I have repeated over the years. I have always been fascinated by how things work. My collecting of objects is a search for understanding; possibly a searching for my place?

Q. What is your main inspiration or is there a theme or obsession with your work?

A. I like to collect objects that are weathered worn bent or broken. I focus on their shape form and potential to combine with other objects. Sometimes a sculpture comes together right off and other times it takes days.

Q. What can people expect from this show?

A: The show will be an installation of metal artifacts along with video and audio clips that I have put together.

Q. Tell us more about your show overseas.

A. I raised my own money. Money was donated to my project by the Slovenian ministry of culture and the KSKJ, which is a Slovenian organization here in the states. I called my project "scraps from the past" as it was a sculpture installation dedication to my Slovenian roots. I flew out to Slovenia, stayed for a week and collected objects I found around the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia with the help of an assistant who was assigned to me by the gallery at Metelkova. We searched in back alleys, abandoned buildings, roadsides, neighborhood dumps, wrecked and abandoned cars, and scrap yards for any steel we could find. After a week of arduous work and long hours the piece became what I called "foundations."

Jim Walker
curator, Big Car
(317) 408-1366
1043 Virginia Ave. Suite 215
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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