Thursday, March 19, 2009

More IMA in the blog world

It may just be coincidence or spring is in the air, but the IMA keeps popping up in the art blogging community these past few days. These first couple of links each dealing with the IMA's deaccessioning policy and their new database of deaccessioned works. Another great sign of the museums transparency policies. Bravo. Looking around it was nice to see a couple of the works that are soon to find new homes and some that have already. A number of years ago as part of a museum studies course project, I had the opportunity to head down to the IMA's vault and view a number of icon paintings that had never been exhibited and questions concerning whether they should deaccession them or not were to be considered. Our small group were tasked to consider the different possible courses of action in which to handle these works and write a report on what we felt should take place with them. In short, we felt that if the works were not to be properly displayed and fill or build upon some niche in the museums collection then they should in fact consider deaccessioning the work with (if memory serves me correctly) the stipulation that the money earned go into an acquisition fund of some kind. Seems this is what the museum is doing.

Lee Rosenbaum, aka CultureGrrl, posts 'Deaccession Heaven: Indianapolis Museum of Art Does It Right' followed up by another post 'BlogBack: Max Anderson on Indianapolis’ Deaccession Database'.

Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes, posted 'IMA's deaccessioning database: A new model program'

On a much more curious and hilarious note, the IMA popped up on the radar by way of a gift pack giveaway. Apparently the winner of this giveaway will get the bounty of an IMA t-shirt, a Rubik's cube, 3 mini books, a pass to ArtBabble (still in Beta), and C-Monster sweetned the pot with a Twinkie. Find out more about this prize pack at C-Monster.

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