Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Friday, 2009

This month, my plan was to try and do something a little different for the weekend preview. As you can imagine gathering a lot of this information and formating (or rather my attempt to format) it for posting can eat a lot of time, time I would rather use to write something of more substance. So in an attempt to be a bit more critical and to make things more streamlined for myself, I plan to post a curated listing. In other words, I am going to simply post full information for the five openings I find most interesting each month. I will continue to link to IDADA's First Friday map which typically has a more comprehensive listing of all the galleries and their openings and hours. How can you make the "five"? Simple, send me a press release (if you do not already do so), preferably with images and information about the show, and if your show grabs my attention over the others, you will make the "five". I welcome the other contributors and readers to add their own thoughts and options in the comment section. While this was my goal for this month, there was a serious lack of new openings tonight so I was left with two shows that I had information on.

[Note: When sending press releases, make sure that text can easily be cut and pasted and include at least one attached jpeg. Press releases with embedded text and images make my life difficult and do not always look good when posted on the blog as scale typically changes.]

First Friday Editors Two

Harrison Center for the Arts
new work by Emma Overman
This exhibit will feature "a collection of works based on life's highs and lows, from simple pleasures and trivial inconveniences to great successes and hardships.

In Gallery No. 2: Cargo - new work by Toni Hook
An exhibit of over 20 paintings using shipping pallets as the canvas. The raw material paired with characterically American images reflect an unrefined America. Through bold colors and aggressive brushwork, people and ideas become the freight.

In Hank & Dolly's Gallery: Botanical Abstractions - new work by Todd Bracik

at Artbox Gallery:

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