Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paul Klein, Art Letter and more...

For those of you who attended the IDADA Membership party and talk tonight, I thought I would take this opportunity to link to a few of the sites discussed. To begin with there is Paul Klein's own art newsletter, Art Letter. If you have some time, it I recommend browsing any of the his previous Art Letters as you await the his next installment. To subscribe, click here.

Also mentioned, one of our favorites, Bad at Sports. Not only must I recommend their weekly podcast, but they always have some lively discussion on their blog. Have an iPod? Load it up with any number of past episodes of Bad at Sports and get your taste of some fabulous opinionated arts discussion and interviews with a number of Chicago area insiders and more.

Let us not forget another of the Chicago arts discussion platform, SharkForum: Opinion with Teeth. You will be sure to find some excellent posts and another look into the Chicago art scene here.

We also heard about another one of my favorites, this time out of New York, being the Kalm Report. What is the Kalm Report exactly, well, in short is a collection of video walk through of any number of exhibitions in and around New York, along with the occasional studio visit. Below happens to be an example of a fairly recent episode. A walk through of Ron Gorchov's work, who I first came to find about due to an exhibition of the artists work curated by Julian Schnabel's son, Vito a few years back. What is great about this video walk through is your chance to (remotely) get a feel of the work and the dimensionality of Gorchov's work.

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Mike said...
November 21, 2008 at 1:21 PM

Thanks for these links.

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