Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ian Burns on NewArtTV

[image from Flickr]

Sometimes, I just get the urge to share with all of you some of things I enjoy, so for those who are unaware of the artist Ian Burns, enjoy.

For the past two years, when in Miami checking out the different fairs, one of the few artists who made my must see list, was Austrailian born, New York based artist, Ian Burns. There is something both absurd and poetic about his sculptural video installation. I have at times attempted to explain his work to friends but I never felt I was able to do his work justice. Well, NewArtTV just posted a nice studio visit video to their site where you can see and hear Burns talk about his work and see pieces at different stages of construction. Check out the Ian Burns link here.

For more info on Ian Burns, check out his work from the fabulous Spencer Brownstone Gallery.

Other, very notable artists who work in a similar manner (in which I am fans of as well) are the husband and wife team, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

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