Friday, August 29, 2008

A Glimpse of San Diego

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin over at Art as Authority, a San Diego area arts blog which I have referenced on a few occasions here. I met him while exhibiting at the Bridge Art fair in Chicago. Well, Art as Authority currently has an excellent post on the San Diego art scene and its future. Well, the future that 40 of San Diego's "Movers and Shakers" in the arts would like to see. You could pretty much, swap the name San Diego with that of Indianapolis and we would never know the difference. This desire to grow more vibrant arts communities is growing across the country. We have taken great strides in getting that ball rolling here in Indianapolis over the past few years and with guidance and vision we could create a niche for Art in Indianapolis. Everyone should read the post, "What San Diego Wants in the Arts".

What is our communal desire for arts in Indianapolis? More Public Art? More Galleries? More Collectors? Arts Funding and Grants? Sure we could say we want it all. We can simply call it a dream. But, what can WE do, what goals can WE set for the city?

Personally, I would love to see a continued interest in bringing nationally and internationally known artists to Indianapolis for exhibitions, lectures and public art commissions, while still offering a fair amount of these opportunities to local artists as well. I would love to see more local art galleries, big and small, each with a unique vision and point of view. I want to see local artists push themselves and each other to create better work and help in each others success. I would like to see the local government stand up and take notice of the arts in Indianapolis and see how the arts impact all of our lives in a positive manner. I would like to see the local printed press provide more arts coverage that is more than snippet reviews or press statements. I look forward to the opening of the Art and Nature Park at the IMA and hope that they will at one point work with some local artists on occasion (I expect they will). I would love to see the local collector base grow and become more active in the local art scene, buying more art from local artists and venues. I would like to see local artists get noticed by recognized galleries and curators outside the state. How about an Indianapolis based artist being represented in the Whitney Biennial or other such event?

Am I a dreamer? An optimist? Yes, I am. To be an artist working in Indianapolis, you have to be.

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