Saturday, May 10, 2008

OtC, Looking For Summer Blog Help

On the Cusp, is currently looking for a couple of Indianapolis area volunteers to add to our staff of writers. [Note: Bloomington area volunteer also being sought.] We are looking for self motivated writers with a passion and knowledge of contemporary art to write weekly and/or monthly posts. Posts will cover various topics including weekend previews, interviews, reviews, interactive news, and editorial writings related to the local contemporary art scene. While all topics are desired, writers decide their own topics. Assignments will only be given if desired. Ideally we are looking for someone who will get out there and network, desires a critical discussion of art in the community, and help bring OtC to the next level.

Post Frequency: Minimum 2 posts/month
Post Length: 300 word minimum

What we are looking for:

Two writers with a passion for contemporary art. Experience in arts writing is a plus but not entirely necessary. Ability to post at least 1-3 posts per month. You also need to be willing to spread the word about OtC- the more exposure for the blog the better for you as well. Blog experience is good but not necessary. Also looking for a volunteer who would be interested in taking over the Weekend Preview posts. These posts are usually easy, but quite important to the blog.

What you get:

This is the sad part for some, no money but you do get exposure and your fair share of snarky anonymous comments. On the Cusp receives a steady flow of daily traffic, with some national and international readers. You will be presented on the blog as a contributor in which you can link to your own blog and/or web sites.

At the moment this blog does not have any form of income and all writers are volunteers, however, should we begin to receive income, via a grant and/or sponsorship, we will discuss payment with you. As a freelance writer myself I do know how important it is to get the right exposure and to get paid for it.

Blogging guidance is available if desired.

Don't want to become a regular contributor but a Guest Blogger? That can also be arranged.

If interested please send an email to: with subject: Blog Contributor or Guest Blogger

Please include some background information, tell me how often you would be able to post and what sort of writing you may be interested in participating in.

2 Responses to “OtC, Looking For Summer Blog Help”

Lirio said...
May 11, 2008 at 10:49 PM

Oh's your chance....step up!

Richard said...
May 12, 2008 at 8:38 PM

Here' another reason to become a blogger on

because the city really would like to hear from you. This needs some fresh blood, and someone willing to take a chance and find out what's going on in the Indy art scene.

Think of it as an internship -- which are typically unpaid. Plus, this internship would have no supervisor to report to, just a potentially global audience to listen to what your saying.

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