Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hop to the Pop: Carmel Gallery Walk

Looking for an alternative to the race hysteria in Downtown Indy this weekend? Then set your GPS toward Hamilton County for the Gallery Association of the Carmel Arts & Design District’s art walk on Friday. At least nine galleries will be open all evening (5-10 p.m.), with free food and drinks, music and horse-drawn carriage rides along Main Street.

Make your first stop the Evan Lurie Gallery (30 W. Main St.,, where “Pop in the Midwest” opens for a month-long exhibition of paintings and sculpture by four contemporary Pop artists: Jonathan Leaser, Burton Morris, Leonardo Hidalgo and Brad Howe.

Of special interest: The work of Merrillville-born Leaser features original paintings based on images from the animated series “Speed Racer,” an English-language adaptation of the Japanese anime “Mach GoGoGo.” Both Leaser and Morris, who created the Pop painting of a coffee cup that hung at Central Perk throughout the “Friends” TV series, will be on hand all evening to greet visitors and talk about their work.

Furthermore, the gallery is serving a Pop martini devised especially for the evening by Bennet Ackerman of D’vine a wine bar.

If you don’t usually venture north of 96th Street for art shows, you may be pleasantly surprised at both the quality of the artwork on display and the size of the crowds out to enjoy the evening stroll.

For additional information:
(317) 571-ARTS (2787)

[NOTE: Neither Web site has been updated about the event as of this morning, but you will find a map and directions online.]

3 Responses to “Hop to the Pop: Carmel Gallery Walk”

Anonymous said...
May 24, 2008 at 4:22 PM

Where's Carmel?

Anonymous said...
May 26, 2008 at 5:15 PM

4 accomplished Stutz artists occupied storefront space with their work for the Carmel walk. They know where it is. The unfortunate thing is that a burgeoning patronage with perhaps more disposable income doesn't know where Indy is.

Barbara said...
May 27, 2008 at 1:03 PM

Well, of course the point is to disregard the imaginary fence across 96th Street. No passports are needed to venture north from Downtown or south from Carmel! The only thing required is an open mind. (Perhaps harder to come by than an atlas or passport.)

As for the Stutz artists at the Gallery Walk, if you can't get Mohammad to come to the mountain, you might as well bring the mountain to Mohammad. Whatever it takes!

And furthermore, who made the rule there can only be one "real" arts district in the region? Surely the expansion of art venues is good for the whole community.

My advice is to forget snarky comments like "Where's Carmel?" and get out to see what's going on. Your next opportunity is Saturday, June 14, when Artomobilia comes to Carmel.

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