Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Larry Salander

A few of my favorite quotes from New York Magazine's story on the fall of Larry Salander and his gallery. Well worth the read if you are at all fascinated by the market...

  • “That’s the difference between the Warhol and the Rembrandt,” Salander continues. “Being with Rembrandt is like making love. And being with Warhol is like fucking.”
  • “Art is the human attempt to make one plus one equal more than two.”
  • He saw his project as spiritual, even messianic. “We’re a soulless society,” he says, returning to a theme that surfaced many times in our conversation. “When I’m talking about the soul to people, they look at me like I’m nuts. But there has been a longtime manipulation of people who want to make money to dumb down the American society and rob us of the curiosity of our souls.”
  • “It’s an incredible thing when you have a vision,” he says as we clear the plates from lunch. “I don’t have the academic background. I don’t have any credentials. I love art as much as it can be loved. I understand what the morality of it is.”

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