Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Worth Reading

While sifting through my personal blogroll, checking up on all the blogs I keep an eye on weekly, I cam a cross a couple posts that I wanted to introduce you all to. I think these posts are of interest to our readers and in many ways play upon some of the topics we have currently been discussing.

A new online art journal, Art Influence, has the promise of having some of the best criticism of art on out there. One particular post, I felt worth reading, "Why art matters" by Anthony Bond OAM.

ArtCal, the self proclaimed, "opinionated guide to New York galleries", for several months now has been including a number of reviews of exhibitions to their web site. One such post that I found myself re-reading for all its glory was the review, Matthew Ronay at Andrea Rosen written by Deborah Fisher author of blog Sellout. There just happens to be something perfectly honest about that review that makes me want to write more reviews myself. You should all check it out.

And for you artists out there who do not regularly read Ed Winkleman's blog (I keep telling you, you should), he has another great post and commentary section. Winkleman asks in this post, "Why do artists want a gallery?". For those of you who have not been keeping score, Ed is the owner of Winkleman Gallery in NYC.

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