Monday, February 25, 2008

More Local Political Arts Action

This popped into my email box today from the Indiana Coalition for the Arts,

Today is Arts Day Take Action!

Tell your legislators you support the arts!

Today is Arts Day in Indiana: the day that arts advocates from around the state send an important message to our state's elected officials.

Our goal today is to send over 1,000 messages to state legislators on the value of public funding for the arts and arts education.

So, especially if you can't join us in Indianapolis, please take a minute to contact your state legislators. Thank you!

Once again, if you feel you want to support such action, head on over to their site where they have set up an easy to fill out form that will be sent to all the appropriate state officials. All you have to is click this link.

Also of note, as I was watching a bit of the Oscars, I caught that tonight at 6pm on channel 6, the news report will be talking with the new mayor on whether he plans to cut arts funding and such. This most likely will affect us all as well as the rest of the community in ways they may not understand. So 6 at 6, watch it if you are interested.

I have never been so politically active in my life, than I have been in the past month...

2 Responses to “More Local Political Arts Action”

Scott said...
February 25, 2008 at 6:41 PM

For those of you may not have watched the 6 at 6 coverage about the mayor and possible budget cuts from the arts. Well, be glad you didnt waste your time watching. After all the hype channel 6 did about this topic, we were left with little more than two statements from the mayor. When asked about possible budget cuts from the arts, we get the answer (I paraphrase here) "well, there may or may not be cuts from the budget, we will see." Hmm, that was news worthy. Concerning his support of the arts in Indy, "i'll lend my face and my voice to support the arts." That about sums up the entire coverage aside from channel 6's regurgitation of economic figures put out by our arts council last year. While it may still be too soon to tell what the new mayor has in store for the arts in Indy, this certainly did not change my doubts.

Anonymous said...
February 29, 2008 at 5:41 PM

Bart was all hot air with an exploited bank roll for his very surface art initiative. He was among the worst Mayors Indianapolis has ever seen. Maybe if any of you in the arts were from here you would know that. The funding should be cut. Whatever is leftover should be used far more wisely and not on Barts arts cronies.

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