Tuesday, October 23, 2007

News Bits, Indy's Lock Up

CultureGrrl, Lee Rosenbaum's blog, pointed me to the recent news concerning the IMA's Caravaggio painting, Sleeping Cupid, being placed under lock and key by a New York City judge. (Follow the link to Lee's post for more info and other links concerning this story.) The story came to as a bit of a shock as I didn't even know that the painting was out on loan. While it may be an odd situation, I believe the judge made a good decision to put all the works on lock down, at least until each work can be accounted for and the appropriate owners are in place. In an attempt to get some updated info on the situation I did get the opportunity to speak briefly with the Maxwell Anderson, who joked that Caravaggio was no stranger to being locked up, which gave me a good laugh. He then expressed that the IMA was keeping up with the situation and expected that the Caravaggio will find its way home in time.

[image, painting by Rocco Valadez]

Galerie Penumbra will be presenting their final exhibit, with new paintings by local artist Rocco Valadez, Friday November 2nd. The November exhibit will bring Galerie Penumbra to a close after 3 years. David and Cheryl Mattingly had this to say about the closing,
We thank our friends and community for generous support and patronage. We have enjoyed creating Galerie Penumbra and in that way being part of the growing and changing Indianapolis arts scene. While the decision to close was difficult to make, we are already looking ahead to opening our new space in the Murphy Art Center. Please plan to join us for First Fridays and other events in the coming months. We will be in touch. Thanks again to all who helped make Galerie Penumbra an experience that we will remember warmly.
Galerie Penumbra will be missed. Another in the long line of short lived local galleries but they had a good run and I would not count David out just yet. From what I hear, we may see some more experimental projects from him in the future, as he is setting up shop in his new studio on the second floor of the Murphy Arts Building. Good Luck Cheryl and David.


-Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Adrian Schiess. Sadly I used a brand new recorder that I had not yet tested. While I did cature the entire interview, the sound quality I would have to liken to listening to the audio from the moon landing while standing in a subway. I have been working to clean up the sound quality which has not been very successful. But no worries, I am now working at transcribing the interview for posting here. I expect to have the transcription up in the next couple days.

-I leave the country this weekend and will be returning by November 5th. So I will not be blogging during this period. A true vacation, no work, all play. I have contacted a few people in hopes that they will fill in and blog while I am gone. I will be sure that the Schiess interview is up before I leave. See you all when I get back in town.

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