Saturday, June 23, 2007

Doing Indy, IMA news, and more

Doing Indy
What can I possibly say about this video, quirky, haptic, just plain odd... A friend of mine sent me this, along with his appologies, yet to me surprise I noted seeing a few friends in the background. This video is from a series called Doing Indy hosted by the eccentric Seth Hancock. Check it out, but can you explain Gene Simmons?

IMA Gets Grant
"The Indianapolis Museum of Art has received a $385,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to develop, a tool enabling social tagging of artworks created in collaboration with 10 leading art museums. The project organizes collections using terms submitted by the public, creating an accessible database of artworks online that will serve as a resource for visitors by enhancing their experience with art online. The development of continues the IMA’s innovative application of technology as a means to connect visitors to art, which includes projects such as a museum channel on YouTube, using cell phones for audio tours, and the development of web-based tools for browsing and searching IMA’s online collection of art."

Other participating institutions include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, SFMOMA, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, among others.

Primary Colours
Local arts group, Primary Colours, is up and running with a newly designed web site. Be sure to check out their excellent artist professional development workshops conducted in collaboration with the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

6 Responses to “Doing Indy, IMA news, and more”

Seth Hancock said...
July 3, 2007 at 1:08 AM


I can tell you what is up with Gene Simmons... he is a celebrity that was in Indy and said he would do a promo for the show. How is it a little show that started as a podcast and can now be seen on Brighthouse and Comcast get Gene Simmons? Quirky, cool, hip, sometimes odd and silly gets the celebs. What can I say...

And, thanks for calling me eccentric. I have been called funny, silly, goofy, hilarious and entertaining. I can now add eccentric to the list. But I don't know about "Haptic." Perhaps the wrong word or at least my wrong connotation - manipulation of objects using the sense of touch and movement of the body.

Seth Hancock said...
July 3, 2007 at 1:30 AM

PS - At least we are doing something to really try and promote the arts in Indy. We have featured shows on the Eiteljorg, IRT, Symphony, etc. God knows we need all of the exposure we can get whether it is quirky or tear-jerking. So, if Gene Simmons wants to intro the show and more people see the show because they "googled" Gene Simmons then that ultimately benefits Indy and the Museum of Art. I hope that explains Gene and the power of celebrity to get people to at least watch something we think they should see.


Scott said...
July 3, 2007 at 2:35 PM

Hi Seth,

That indeed explains Gene Simmons. I appreciate what it is that you are doing and have actually watched your other arts related videos as well. As for my use of the word haptic, I was going for the more abstract sense of the word, a sort of a touch, touch, touch, touch, approach to your topics. A fast paced touch and go style. Not intended as a criticism, just an observation of style. In hind sight it was probably not the best choice of word.

Thanks for responding, and hope your show continues to do well. I appreciate your drive to tell more people about what is going on here in our city. Keep up the work and good luck.

Seth Hancock said...
July 4, 2007 at 12:34 AM


I really appreciate your support of DI and the fact that you posted something here. I was just giving you a little grief about Haptic. I think we need more sites like yours and people talking about arts in this city. Keep up the good work in helping to raise awareness of support of the arts in Indy.

At times, I compare Indy to Warren Central High School (where my brother-in-law is the Athletic Director). There's always enough money for sports, sports programs and athletes but when it comes time to support the arts it is almost seen as their "charity" or "court ordered duty". I know that sounds completely weird but I am sure you can understand how more and more people are putting emphasis on sports and the arts suffer. I see a trend with the city of Indy that I really don't like and think some things need to change. I hope you keep pushing on your end as we will certainly be pushing on ours.


The Dude said...
July 10, 2007 at 11:02 PM

The Dude says crap. Art is not like high school athletics.

And Seth Hancock seem to be flying by the seat of his Hancock in those videos.

There does seem to be a lot of self-touching in the "onthecusp world" and in the "Doing Indy" world.

Me like touchy-touch.

Seth Hancock said...
July 13, 2007 at 11:30 PM


Either you are completely ignorant or can't read. The Hancock says both!

I was comparing Indy treatment of the arts to the way high schools place A LOT more emphasis on athletics and not art (this is clearly stated in my statement if you read it above). So, your comments are completely inane and random.

Our shows are meant to "highlight" the things that Indy has to offer and not an in-depth expose on the subject of art, animal husbandry or the aerodynamics of a water slide at Caribbean Cove.

So, Dude, go touchy-touch yourself.

Is your name Bill Benner?

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