Thursday, March 22, 2007

Belated Notice

An anonymous commenter convinced me to go ahead and post this all though I had plans on doing so from the time I first heard, I just wanted to have more details before posting. For those who have not already heard, LAMP Gallery has been closed. Rumor has it that there were issues regarding rent and in the end LAMP was gentrified. I don't know the details and all I have heard to date is speculation and rumor. I have not had the time to do further sleuthing to find out more. So, readers, if you can shed even more light on what happened to LAMP and the artists that were showing there please chime in. If Jennifer Kaye is out there and interested in going on the record about LAMP and what her next steps are, then by all means please contact me or comment here. Being this is the second time LAMP has closed up in the last couple years I wonder if it will once again spring up in some form or another. Time will tell.

2 Responses to “Belated Notice”

liriodendron said...
March 28, 2007 at 7:11 PM

Well...I hope she does reopen somewhere, or someone else opens a well run vanity gallery in this area.....I think a "pay to hang" place fills a needed niche for artists who are just starting out, or want show their work without going to all the trouble, waiting, and agony (heh!) of securing a show at a more formal gallery. see a "range" of art....but that makes shopping interesting.
Being "gentrified" doesn't sound pleasant!

Anonymous said...
March 30, 2007 at 10:06 AM

As many other artists might privately attest to (but none will seemingly do so in public lest they be blacklisted), Ms. Kaye's karma has caught up with her. When she shut down the previous gallery, she left a lot of artists hanging, oweing them money and giving them zero communication about the gallery's situation or what the future would hold. Then she started up a new gallery and got a whole new slew of naive, trusting souls, leaving the other artists behind. I only hope that this time around she'll grow up, be a responsible business owner and honor her debts to a group she supposedly supports but in reality, has given the shaft to on many occasions.

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