Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arts Council hosts Next Audiences Summit

The Arts Council of Indianapolis will be hosting the Next Audiences Summit, April 27th and 28th. The summit centers on developing new arts audiences, with a focus on attracting 20-40 year olds. I imagine this two day event will prove worth while to most of the arts organizations out there, as it is vital for the continued growth and health of an arts community to attract and develop new relationships, particularly with a younger audience. The summit will cost you to attend, at $149 you will want to plan ahead for it, but register soon as space is limited. I would certainly go if I was going to be in town that weekend but unfortunately I can't. Some of you will have to tell me how it went. Oh, and take a few notes for me if you can.

From the Arts Councils announcement:

Come to the Next Audiences Summit in Indianapolis (April 27th and 28th) and you’ll leave with more useful knowledge about best practice customer experience design and development than you thought possible in just two days.Tell me more »!--

Featuring nationally recognized programming, marketing and customer development professionals, the summit includes separate workshops jam-packed with real-world, practical lessons led by:

* Customer experience gurus Steve Tyink and Rebecca Ryan who will share a wealth of research with you before showing you how to design experiences that leave your customers coming back for more
* Technology experts from Patron Technology who will help you design targeted, highly effective email campaigns that are based on results of a 2007 nationwide study of 11,000 arts patrons' online habits and how they are really using the internet
* Programming professionals from Red {an orchestra} will tell you how they reinvented a traditional art form to attract younger audiences — and how you can do the same

If you’re an arts marketer, or arts organization leader,

When: April 27th, 28th
Where: Indianapolis, Indiana
Registration fee: $149

To learn more about the workshop (including schedules),
visit Space is limited

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