Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tis the Season

It is now the season in which we will begin to see the annual array of Holiday art shows at many of the Galleries and Not for Profits. This I believe has been an increasing occurrence over the years. These shows can be a good time to purchase some works of art for yourself or as gifts, often at a good price. But at what price do these shows come? These shows are often put on for the sole purpose of making money. More money over the quality of the work or the quality of the presentation. While there is much that I think is detrimental in these types of shows, I still find myself interested in seeing them. Something about the season, that holiday spirit, memories of childhood and such that draw me in. I find it at times interesting to see what other artists make for these shows as it often is different from their normal art work production. This is important to understand as well when purchasing works at these types of events as well. While you may be purchasing a work by "so or so" artist, it may not be a prime example of their work. In fact, these works are often much different than their other works you would typically see. That is not to say that your purchase is anyway bad but it may confuse things to some degree. How does an artists work differ when making art for such an event? Does the artist even consider this when placing work in these shows? Are works of this nature worth less in the long run of things in the artists career? These are questions I often ask myself when I see these shows and the art works in them. But when it all comes down to it, when buying art, you should just buy what you love. When it comes to gifts, you hopefully will be buying what your friends and family would love and that is what counts. Save some extra dollars, buy some art, and maybe I will see you at one of the upcoming Holiday shows.

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