Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Want to see how we roll in Indy???

I beg anyone in the country to come up with a more kick-ass job listing then what we have open in Indy. Tons of public interest, big backing (and budget) by the city, and the chance to work in the same town with the talented (and good looking) staff of OtC! Does it get any better?

Seriously, you've heard me shout about the Opie exhibition, you've seen big coverage on Indy in the NYTs, and noticed the coverage brought onto our city via our new director of the IMA. And there is so much more in store. Yes, things are happening here. If you have any ties to the midwest or have a desire to leave an impact on a major metropolitan area, this could be for you.

Title–Public ArtProject Manager

Reports to–Director of Public Art

Position Summary–This position will provide administrative, curatorial, and project management assistance to the Director of Public Art as well as assist in the management of the Public Art Project Coordinator. The Public Art Project Manager will work with local and regional artists as well as national and international artists. This is a full-time staff position that reports to the Arts Council’s office from8:30amto5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and includes required attendance at special functions and events. An annual salary and full benefit package are provided.

Duties & Responsibilities–

· Work with the Director of Public Art in the coordination and management of public art projects. Those duties include but are not limited to:

o Generating project ideas

o Identifying and meeting with project stakeholders

o Drafting calls to artists or scopes of projects

o Establishing and managing realistic project budgets

o Artist selection, whether by jury or by direct curatorial selection

o Contracts with artists and/or property owners

o Pulling permits

o Coordinating fabrication, delivery, installation, and maintenance of art projects

o Ensuring proper insurance coverage

o Continued communications to project participants, funding agencies, the city & the media

o Organization and participation in dedication ceremonies and media events

o Delegating and managing tasks of Public Art Project Coordinator

· Business communications – verbal and written correspondence with Arts Council staff, funding agencies, artists, partner organizations, committee members, vendors, etc.

· Schedule, coordinate, and run meetings with various project partners

· Represent the Arts Council and thePublic Art Indianapolisprogram at additional meetings as needed and indicated by the Director

· Create content (writing and editing), select vendors and coordinate with the Arts Council’s Marketing, PR, and Communications staff in the development of publications including but not limited to public art project brochures, web pages, e-communications, the public art note card series, signage, maps, and other guides.

· Coordinate direct mailing and distribution of publications as well as e-communications

· Work with Arts Council’s staff and vendors on press releases, media inquiries, and media interviews

· Attend weekly Arts Council staff meetings and bi-monthlyCultural Development Commissionmeetings

· Some attendance at and assistance in after hours events is required

· Some travel may be required

· Assistance in the oversight of the following duties of the Public Art Coordinator:

o Ensure that the public art pages of the Arts Council’s website are up-to-date with project information

o Ensure that contact lists for Public Art are updated and maintained in the Arts Council’s master database

o Oversee logging of public art expenses, submittal of check requests, and timely payment to artists and vendors

o Assist in reconciling expenses with the Arts Council’s accountant quarterly

Qualifications & Necessary Skills–A successful candidate must have experience working with a range of living artists, mounting art exhibitions, managing art projects, and a track record of delivering those exhibitions, projects and collateral materials on-time and on-budget.

Applicants must –

· Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in art history, art administration, studio art, or a related field

· Show evidence of at least 3 years experience working with living artists as well as art galleries, museums, or other visual art organization

· Exhibit a substantial history of working on art exhibitions and/or art projects

· Demonstrate knowledge of and contacts within the local, regional, and/or national art world

· Be a self-starter and big-picture thinker who is able to articulate potential project ideas and their linkages to other city or organizational initiatives

· Demonstrate experience in participating in community outreach efforts or in working on art related topics with diverse audiences and non-arts professionals, such as government officials, builders/developers, or general community members

· Be able to handle multiple projects and responsibilities efficiently and effectively

· Exhibit strong writing and editing skills

· Demonstrate professional business skills including good verbal and written communication as well as administrative, organizational, and public relations capabilities

· Show evidence of developing and managing budgets

· Be a team player who can work within a small not-for-profit organization where human and financial resources can be limited. Staff members are often asked to pitch-in when others need assistance.

Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, digital photography, Internet Explorer and Outlook is necessary. A working knowledge of Photoshop is preferred.

The flexibility to attend meetings and arts events before and after hours is also requisite.

To Apply–Applicants must submit the following by US Mail to the Arts Council’s office or my email to publicart@indyarts.org (No phone calls, please.):

· Cover letter– please directly address why you are qualified and desire to have this position

· Resume– please site specific exhibitions and/or art projects on which you have worked and what your duties and responsibilities were to ensure its success

· Three writing samples– such as sample catalogues or catalogue entries, exhibition or project proposal or prospectus, business correspondence, and/or didactics

· Three professional references– include telephone numbers as well as email addresses whenever possible


· Supplementary materials– sample catalogues, media clippings & reviews of exhibitions or projects on which you have worked, exhibition invitations, etc.

· Self addressed, stamped envelope– if you would like your materials to be returned

Mail application materials to:

Arts Council ofIndianapolis

Attn:Mindy TaylorRoss

20 N. Meridian St., Suite 500


Send digital application materials to:


Start Date–A September or October 2006 start date is preferred. There is no deadline to apply and the position will remain open until filled.

Salary–Commensurate with experience

About the Arts Council ofIndianapolis–The Arts Council of Indianapolis exists to advance and promote the arts through funding, advocacy, business, artistic and technical assistance, public and private support, and technology.

As a result of our efforts, artists can make a viable living, arts organizations flourish, a broad menu of arts programming including professional and amateur endeavors is available, and the community is enhanced through increased economic development activity.

To better accomplish its mission and more fully realize its vision, the Council has identified four key strategic initiatives:

• A greater focus on arts advocacy which emphasizes the value of meaningful art in the community

• Increasing the value of the arts in our community by focusing greater support via funding, programs and services for professional artists and arts organizations
• A long-termapproach to increasing the value of the arts in the community through the development and cultivation of diverse, new audiences
• Implementation of organizational enhancements designed to establish new funding opportunities and to further the operational efficiency and effectiveness necessary to ensure the Council’s continued viability as the community’s leading arts advocate

Visit us on-line at www.indyarts.org to learn more.

The Arts Council ofIndianapolisis an equal opportunity employer. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

Mindy TaylorRoss

Director of Public Art

Arts Council ofIndianapolis

20 N. Meridian Street, Suite 500


Tel: 317.624.0242 Fax: 317.624.2559


5 Responses to “Want to see how we roll in Indy???”

Anonymous said...
October 5, 2006 at 5:03 PM

Geez, what would be left for Mindy to do?

Anonymous said...
October 8, 2006 at 11:38 PM

TLDR geez

Scott said...
October 9, 2006 at 5:57 AM

Hahaha, for those of you who do not speak cyber speak, as the above anonymous does; I thought I would translate for you.

TLDR = too long didn't read

You can all go about your normal business now, hehe.

Anonymous said...
October 10, 2006 at 3:30 PM

I doubt there are 3 people in Indianapolis that can fit that bill! WOW

Christopher said...
October 11, 2006 at 9:28 AM

I don't think the search is restricted to just Indianapolis.

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