Thursday, October 05, 2006

Labeling Images and Steve is "is a collaborative research project exploring the potential for user-generated descriptions of the subjects of works of art to improve access to museum collections and encourage engagement with cultural content."

It seems that this would be a sort of democratic way of labeling images (artistic works, to be precise). While I have no idea what will become, there are a couple things out there that are in the same vein. They are mostly based on the work of Luis von Ahn, whose interest include 'captcha,' that thing by which you have to identify you are a human when you make a post on this blog. You know, that thing in which you have to type in some letters and numbers before OTE will accept your post?

Yes, there's a wikipedia entrance for Mr. von Ahn (a wee 28 years old)

Try out his ESP game, a game in which you are randomly matched up with a partner and try to identify some aspect of an image that you and your partner can agree on.

Google came out with a version of this, which is a little more boring (no bells or dings).

However, for me, the most addictive image game out there is Peekaboom (, which sadly has no wikipedia entrance ... yet.

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