Monday, October 30, 2006

Katharina Grosse in Cincinnati

[image, Katharina Grosse at work, from the blog of artist Jeffrey Cortland Jones]

Unfortunatly I forgot to check up on Cincinatti's Contemporary Arts Center a bit sooner, if I had I would have been able to go and listen to the talk given by one of my favorite artists working today, Katharina Grosse. Good news is she has just finished an installation at the CAC for all to go and see. Her use of vast areas of sprayed paint throughout a space or across existing architecture is always dazzeling to me. Oh, and she is one of the artists Christopher and I always agree on as being wonderful. That should say something. Though I have not seen the piece she recently did in person, I expect it will be worth the drive and plan on going soon enough. If you enjoy painting, abstraction, or simply good art; I suggest checking her work out. In the mean time check the previous links or head over to ohio artist and blogger, Jeffery Cortland Jones blog (I like his work as well and been reading his blog for some time now) to see a couple more images he took as she was working on the piece in Cincinatti.

I hear Katharina will be doing an installation in Chicago soon as well. I will try and keep you informed.

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