Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weekend Preview

September is here. That means the fall art season is beginning and while that is great news for all of us art lovers let me clear up a few things about the next two weeks. Though this Friday will be a First Friday event, many galleries view next Friday as the real start of the Fall Gallery Season. What's that mean to us? Well, nearly all galleries will be open tomorrow for you to view shows, some new some old, while others are holding their openings on September 8th instead. So, we get to check out art two weeks in a row. Perhaps that will make checking out more shows easier. I'll see you out there.

Sept. 1 - Jason Sho Green, "Born to Die" at Big Car Gallery 1043 Virginia Ave. in Fountain Square from 6-11 p.m.

Think of a mixture of manga artwork and David Byrne's characters from True Stories then you have an idea of this Seattle-based artist's work. Sho Green paints on a variety of surfaces such as discarded pieces of wood to found cutting boards. He also makes homemade books and plush dolls. To see more of Sho Green's work see Jason Sho Green (Seattle) . An artist on the rise, Sho Green has shown in galleries all over the west coast. This will be his first show in the midwest. Science will provide beats and sounds during the show leading into live music featuring Poor Sailor (Cleveland) Red Queen Hypothesis and Harley Poe. $5 donation suggested for the bands.

Sept. 1 - Ron Isaacs, "Said and Done, Come and Gone" at Ruschman Art Gallery 948 N. Alabama St.

Sept. 1 - "First Friday Open Artists' Studios", Stutz Building 212 W. 10th St.

Sept. 1 - Justin Cooper, Galerie Penumbra 1043 Virginia Ave. in Fountain Square

Sept. 1 - "Schooled" at the Harrison Center for the Arts 1505 N. Delaware
Note: Though this show will open on the 1st, I would recommend coming back on the 8th instead, as there will also be more events and open studios. Schooled is a group show featuring work from Elyce Elder, Kipp Normand, Elizabeth Guipe Hall, Kyle Ragsdale, Trevor Renwick, Aaron Tucker and Jim Walker. Also in the Harrison Gallery: "Herron: Foundations and Facades", new work by Ginny Taylor Rosner. And in Gallery 2 next week, Sept. 8th, artist Tyler Meunick and several members of his artistic family will be exhibiting new work together.

later this week (and highly recommended by me):

Sept. 6th - Artist Talk and Opening, "Light Pollution: Eric Sall" at the Peeler Art Center at Depauw University, click here for directions.Talk from 4-5:30pm.
I must confess I am a fan of Eric Sall's work and think this show is not to be missed. Come down and see the show and hear Eric talk about the work. It will be worth the drive. Here is a bit from the Peeler Press Release: "Drawing from the history of art and painting's lexicon of marks, Eric Sall creates large-scale, non-representational paintings that allude to figuration while remaining immersed in the abstract nature of paint. By adopting the strategy of presenting a figure – or protagonist – over an ambiguously rendered background, Sall alludes to the tradition of representational painting without depicting any discernable forms." For some examples of his work check out this link.

I feel as if I am missing some shows worth noting so if I have missed something please list it in the comments section. Have a good weekend.

3 Responses to “Weekend Preview”

Anonymous said...
September 1, 2006 at 9:30 AM

Nope, Scott, you didn't miss anything.

All of your favorite haunts and artists are mentioned, as usual.

Kyle ragsdale said...
September 1, 2006 at 9:32 AM

also at the hca
tyler meunick and his whole family have an art show called traverse
opens the 8th
should be cool

Scott said...
September 1, 2006 at 11:27 AM

Thanks Kyle, I didn't know whether that show opened this week or next as the information on the Harrison Web Site is wrong. It says a different show is in that space. I will add that show to the front.

Anonymous (8:30am), I assume that you think I am narrow minded in my choice of artists and venues to list but you add none yourself. We rarely get press releases for shows that are going on so we do as best we can to get some of this information often depending on calander listings from local papers and occassional postcards from the venues we frequent. So please, if we missed any shows at contemporary art spaces/galleries in the Indianapolis area or even beyond that are worth seeing let us know. It may be that we were not familiar with it. As for my favorite artists, well, that list is actually quite small. Hope you will enjoy some of the choices that we have listed. Have a good day.

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