Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We knew this would happen

The Independent reports [via] that Damien Hirst has launched a legal battle against 25 year old Simon Phillips for his use of the domain name I'm not surprised. Honestly, I am surprised we haven't seen more lawsuits recently.

I remember 5 or 6 years ago first seeing the work of Eric Doeringer. At first, his work seemed like a cute novelty in which you could buy your own "Laura Owens" or "John Currin" for $50 to $100. He has since launched his Cremaster Fan Club website. Now it seems as if something is missing at any Biennial or Art Fair if you don't see his familiar booth on the sidewalk outside of these arts destinations.

Personal fav Maurizio Cattelan opened Gagosian Gallery Berlin last year to coincide with Berlin's art fair. This happened, of course, without Sir Larry's blessing.

Elmgreen and Dragset opened Prada Marfa in international contemporary art hot-spot Marfa, Texas. What makes this project even better is that someone broke into this store that is never open and stole the display - which if memory serves me correctly contained only the right shoes.

This is certainly not a new phenomenon but with no sign of a slow down in the contemporary art market, I suspect we will see more and more lawsuits as artists and dealers start protecting their little (and lucrative) corner of the world.

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