Thursday, August 24, 2006

Go for it

[via AJ] This article from USA Today has me thinking. Am I glad more artists are able to support themselves? Absolutely. Do I think the importance of the gallery is being diminished? Absolutely not.

On a side (and unrelated) note, only 28,000 people in our town of 1 million+ recycle. That is sickening. Get with the program people. And in another unrelated note to our blog yet related to the last couple of sentences - WTHR please fix the most confusing website ever! How about when you say on the air to link to this section of your website actually providing the link? And when you find Hot Topics, how about listing the stories you mention during your newscast? Revolutionary thinking, I know. But much easier then me spending 15 minutes on your site finding a story you just broadcast citywide.

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