Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tony George, Save this race!

** Note - I had multiple posts building up over this holiday weekend so please scroll down for the weekend preview.

I'm sure you're asking yourself why in the heck am I posting about Formula 1 on an arts blog. Well, rumor has it Tony George is an OTC addict. But let me start by saying my diverse array of interests include Formula 1, along with baseball and Sudoku puzzles, but I'll save that for another day. I write about F1 because it is unlike any other weekend in this city and gives us, if only for a brief moment, an international stage.

This year was the end of the seven year contract Indy had with Formula 1 and Bernie Ecclestone, F1's chief. Negotiations are underway to decide if the race will stay in Indy, move to Vegas, or leave the US all together. I have heard there might be a possibility of keeping Indy and adding Vegas. That's what I vote for. Listen up Mr. Ecclestone, the US is the third largest country in the world and we have butt-loads of cash. Keep your race at Indy, add a race in Vegas and let them both fall after your weekend in Montreal. That will give you three races in a row during prime time sports viewing and will certainly build your audience and your brand.

Selfishly, I like being able to drive down the street to go to a race instead of flying overseas, but I also like the cache (how do you add the accent on American computers?) of having the race here. Our city is instantly recognized and given legitimacy because of this race, and yes I believe this will trickle down to the arts. Formula 1 is a world wide brand with a huge audience and they like the finer things in life. And ain't nothin' finer then some good ol' contemporary art - hoosier style!

So Tony George, if you need me to give Bernie a call, just let me know.

1 Responses to “Tony George, Save this race!”

daniel said...
July 14, 2006 at 1:27 PM

i concur.

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