Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weekend Preview

Thursday, June 1st

  • Surreal Night Out at the IMA. 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Participants can enjoy a surrealist playground with an evening of video, costume, music, word play and art games. Inspired by artist Amy Cutler's fantastical heroines and hybrids on exhibit in IMA’s contemporary galleries, attendees will shoot short videos, write poetry, make live accompaniment for a film, and create masks and puppets—all in the surrealist tradition. Eclectic dress is welcome. Cash bar and snacks will be available for purchase in the IMA CafĂ©. Produced by Big Car Media.
Friday, June 2nd

Fountain Square and South
Downtown and North
  • Selections by Scott Grow at Big Car North next to Invoke Studios.
  • Still Life•Death by Brian Myers at Stutz Art Gallery
  • At the Harrison Center; Rock, Paper, Scissors with music paraphenalia in the gallery annex. Also, The Silk Road by Quincy Owens in Gallery Two.
  • John Ransom Phillips at 4 Star Gallery
Saturday, June 3rd
  • Amalgam Local Art and Music Festival at the Irving Theater. 5505 E. Washington Street. 11 am. Free. Music begins at 7 pm. That'll cost ya' 7 bucks.
  • Art vs. Art painting competition at the Harrison Center. Looks like you need to register by tomorrow here.
  • Open Studios at the Wheeler Arts Center. 5 to 10 pm. 1035 Sanders Street in Fountain Square.
I am again begging a few galleries (you know who you are) to update their websites and make the exhibition information easy to access. On the home page might be a really good idea! And what's up with the gallery listings (or lack there of) in Nuvo's calendar this week? And as always, let me know what I've missed.

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saint robert said...
June 1, 2006 at 2:52 AM

on Sunday there's an art show called Sangria Veritas at Bleecker Street in Broadripple. Sangrias are apparently $1 all day.

anonymous2u said...
June 3, 2006 at 1:49 AM

Not enough time for full reviews tonight, but here are comments on two very good shows worth seeing.

1. Rebecca Lyon's installations at Galerie Penumbra. Not sure about the title, Rock'a my soul, but that might just take a little homework to appreciate. The work itself is engaging, personal, superbly executed, and even emotionally moving. It's downright beautiful, and I heard others at the show using this very same word. I'll have to say, Lyon has come a long long way in a tough medium (fiber). but she is doing noteworthy work with it - really taking it out of the ordinary. go see it for yourself - i think this show is a top-ten contender for the year. BTW, this show may have been a better selection for iMoca's local artist exhibition over Brian Presnell, not meaning to get into that fray here, Christopher.

2. Brian Myers' paintings at the Stutz Art Gallery, Still Life•Death. Myers' calm process and personality contrast with his selection of images of mayhem, disaster, conflict and other items relevant to current events. These are mostly large-scale oils on canvas. I even liked the titles for this show. Sometimes artists don't do their work justice or get too clever or esoteric. These were appropriately not over-thunk. My only criticism of the whole show would be the two small portraits (one of GW Bush and one of Condi Rice, both in fighter jet helmets). Perhaps they were a little forced to fit the theme and the odd wall spaces in this gallery, but these didn't work for me. Regardless, Brian is definitely one of the hot emerging talents in our city. And he's not just living on his laurels - this show reflects new, honest, hard studio efforts, where he achieves excellent results and successful progression of his work. As my two-year-old noticed, the ice looks like ice, the fire like fire, and the tsunami wave (a concept she doesn't even understand) was a convincing ocean to her. There's nothing still about these still lifes. They are effectively disturbing as intended. It's a feeling you might not notice right away, but it will grow on you the longer you look. Nice work. Nicely presented (and I think the walls may just have been patched and painted the night before.:-o)

Anonymous said...
June 3, 2006 at 7:58 AM

on the NUVO gallery/show listings:

they have been chronically and historically lax at being inclusive and/or accurate, with old, outdated listings occuring with new (in the same gallery!). excuses range from "not enough space to include everyone" (but plenty of space for the sex ads or bar listings, hmmmm.) to "we're too busy to keep it up like we should". it has gotten to the point where i don't bother looking anymore, (InTake is pretty much the gold standard at this point) but nuvo IS great for putting down before doing varnishing or catching paint drips or for packing material, so keep publishing boys! i like the fact that there's no staples, makes it much easier to spread around on the floor.

Christopher said...
June 3, 2006 at 1:11 PM

What I liked most about Nuvo in regards to the weekend preview, was that it came out on Wednesday as opposed to Thursday for Intake. Interesting to see how this plays itself out...

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