Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Weekend Preview

While Christopher is away, I am attempting to do the Weekend Preview for him. If there is a contemporary arts opening or event that I have not mentioned please let us know in the comments section and I will try to add more as I find out about them. Thanks.

Wednsday April 26th,

5:30pm- iMOCA and IDADA present, "The Art of Business". Hosted by Elizabeth Mix; "The Art of Business" is an artist critique and discussion group designed to foster a dialogue and gauge the needs of the various individuals. The focus will be on strategies for thinking about the work using a process/content/context strategy. This is the first of a series of these discussions to be held at iMOCA located at 340 North Senate Avenue and are FREE and open to the public.

Friday April 28th,

-Stutz Artists Studio Tour, at the Stutz Building located at 212 W. 10th St. April 28-29. for more information call 370-4235 or checkout their website

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