Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That's Entertainment

The holidays have a tendency to throw me off of my normal pattern of weekly habits. One of these habits since September 2005 has been to lay back and relax to the casual, informative, and always entertaining podcast, 'Bad at Sports'. So here it is just past 4am, and I am catching up on the couple episodes I missed and thought I would pass on more information to our readers about this audio delight. For those who are unaware of the art review genius that is 'Bad at Sports', it is a weekly art pod cast out of Chicago brought to us by artists Richard Holland, Duncan MacKenzie, and Amanda Browder. Each week they review shows going on in Chicago as well as interview many of the Chicago area art world personalities, with the occasional music and book review. I highly recommend it, so when you have time in your day, sit back and listen to 'Bad at Sports'...

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