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Interview: Dave Voelpel

After much delay and procrastination, I have finally managed to get this post up live on the blog. I had the opportunity to talk with local artist Dave Voelpel a couple months ago at an opening of his at the Circle City Industrial Complex. So, without any further delay, here is a brief I did with him. Enjoy and Thanks Dave for your patience and understanding.


1- How would you describe your work and artistic practice? How has this changed or evolved over the years?

I would describe my paintings simply as abstract landscapes. My work incorporates sometimes heavy paint as well as some thin washes and glazes mainly working in acrylics and water based mediums. I work in studio at my home and also enjoy plein air painting.
My work also incorporates collage elements as well(newspaper images, images found in magazines, my own photography work, found objects etc). Most work has also some element of texture whether its with just layered paint I also like to create texture with application with a painting knife. I have also experimented recently with coffee grounds and more natural materials.

I started in oil painting with abstract landscapes. Materials and different mediums have evolved over the yrs. Adding collage element, and found objects. Also my color palette has evolved. At first I would decide the palette to not be as intense or rich. Overall my palette has become brighter, richer color, more life!

2- You make a living as a professional painting contractor. Has this impacted your artistic practice in any way? Is it something you concsioulsy incorporate into or push against when making art?

As a professionally painting contractor I make my living working on painting interior and exterior houses. I am trained to painting precise perfect lines (next to ceiling walls/ trim work etc.) in finish paint has impacted me to go against these techniques I have learned. I feel I don't need to be restricted so I can express myself more loosely and not "perfect" more openly, and expressively.

3- Who or what have been your biggest influences or inspirations?

William De Kooning, Rauschenburg, Richard Diebenkorn, Andy Warhol. Mainly I feel more inspiration in Abstract impressionist and some Pop art. My faith in God, has made me want to embrace my talent and grow them, explore them, learn more..etc.

William De Kooning- His works from the 50's and 60's are more of my inspiration.

Raushenburg was a inventor is printmaking, theater, designing combine.etc etc.. Hes and inventor of abstraction and this is inspiring. Same with Warhol. Inventor as well, although my work is not similar, he changed art as people knew it at that time.

These artist works are very large pieces/ large scale and movement attracts me. The Ocean Park and Berkeley Series Paintings. Diebenkorn

4- How would you like your work to be perceived by the general art going audience? Is there a particular impact you would like your work to have on people?

I really simply want people to stop and look at my work. Not to just pass by, to get up close, interact, want to touch it! Explore it. I want the viewer to be open and think outside the box (not everything needs to be perfect and realistic in my belief). I want the viewer to question it, maybe try and figure it out. I'm not wanting to create puzzles, or mind games..just simply an interaction. I want to create an emotional connection though color and use of imagery, maybe this triggers a memory, an emotion. These may not be good perhaps but it has allowed me to strike them, make them think about it hopefully take that feeling or thought with them.

5- Given the opportunity, time and money aside, might you have any dream projects? What would you like to do if given the opportunity?

No holds! First goal would be to paint out west, travel and to plein air paint in the national parks. It would be great to own a working studio/ gallery. To put my daytime job aside and live my passion and paint/ create every single day. If I was given this opportunity financially i would be doing it and not holding back! I would explore myself further with with art. Currently I am developing my photography, this is something I would like to cont to grow and learn about.

My biggest advise would to be keep going..keep doing. Don't Stop, no matter what criticisms lies ahead to know you believe and did your best, have faith.

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Anonymous said...
July 6, 2011 at 4:36 PM

Great interview-very interesting. I like your work!

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