Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ed McGowin: Name Change

Ed McGowin's retrospective exhibition Name Change is currently up at Herron Galleries through April 17. Upon entering the gallery, it is difficult to believe that all of the art on exhibition was created by one person. There is photography, brass sculpture, painting, woodcarving, and minimalist sculpture. The subject matter is as varied as the media, ranging from iconography of dogs in odd scenarios to exploding ice cream cones to depictions of specific people and storytelling narratives. McGowin has had his name legally changed a total of twelve times, and creates art for each of the names (including Ed McGowin). Each section of the exhibition contains a framed, screen printed copy of the official name change document for the respective artistic persona. It is truly incredible how each "artist" has his own style, subject matter and quirkiness.

McGowin is certainly a multi-talented artist, but his prowess in woodcarving stands out the most. Some of his art is embellished with elaborately carved frames, as in the photo below. His art is extremely curious; it almost verges on kitsch at times yet it is so bizarre and interesting in its subject matter and execution as well as choice of materials that it has no trouble securing its place in the world of fine art.

For more words and images and a video interview with the artist, head to Outposts From The Material World

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