Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stutz Art Space Preview: Sight/ Insight: Artists & Places of Inspiration

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Sight/ Insight will be at the Stutz Art Space from November 6-25, 2009. The show incorporates a variety of styles ranging from abstract slashes of paint, abstract quilted fabric, exaggerated recognizable forms, jewelry, and paintings and photographs that display clearly recognizable subjects. The artwork is juxtaposed leading the viewer to flow back and forth between the styles creating a dialogue amongst this diverse set of visual ideas. It is a conversation between eleven different artists, with different modes of visually communication, and different perspectives on the same subject.


The curator, Carol L Myers, chose artists whose work fit the theme of 'inspired places'. Carol herself has lately focused on drawings. She states that her "vocabulary is natural form, but inspired place happens between pencil and paper." She finds that drawing is a form of praying. I was attracted to one of her quilted painting pieces entitled, Boardwalk. The painting in the work gives the piece a sense of space and light. On top of the painting, sewn rectangular shapes overlap and break up the space, while the process of sewing the material draws the fabric and adds slight texture.

Artists in the show:
Susan Brewer
Lydia Burris
Leigh Dunnington-Jones
Karen Land
Colleen Lauter
Susan Mauck
Carol L Myers
Kate Oberreich
Jerry Points
Ginny Taylor Rosner
Martha Vaught
Julia Zollman Wickes

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Visit for reflections on a few individual works from Sight/Insight .

Join the conversation about inspired places starting this coming First Friday, November 6th.

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