Thursday, October 01, 2009

Weekend Preview

Lots of interesting things to see this week and some new art entities popping up. Today I have only added a few of them as it is getting late and I will be out of town tomorrow. For a map of a large number of these events, check out the IDADA map link in the side bar. Two of the newer announcements to the art scene, Christopher West (the former curator of iMOCA) is now curating his own space, at Dean Johnson, called Christopher West Presents and across from Mt. Comfort (a space for champions) another SEND building will be home to a series of First Friday exhibits. So if you are in the area, check it out.


Christopher West Presents

Traces: New Installations and Objects by Danielle Felice Riede

Opening Thursday, October 1st, 5 - 8 pm

christopher west presents is pleased to announce a new installation by Colorado born, Indianapolis based artist Danielle Riede. Opening reception for the artist will take place on Thursday, October 1 from 5 pm until 8 pm. The exhibition will run through October 31.

Riede's enigmatic constructions of found and made pieces of paint, resin, and detritus are here exhibited as both miniature sculpture and a site specific installation. While paint (and color) is a primary intellectual and physical material for Riede, a deeper connection can be found in the idea of a collective body of objects, the traces of other artists’ explorations. Danielle Riede received her MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwelath University and also studied under Daniel Buren at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf. She is currently a professor at the Herron School of art and Design. She has exhibited internationally in Mexico City, Athens, Cologne, Paris and many others. This is her first exhibition at the gallery.

christopher west presents
646 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Mt. Comfort (a space for champions)

mt.comfort (a space for champions) would like to welcome you out to a nice long evening of music and fine art from Mr. Jon Autry. Stay as long as you like, crash out on the couch to the soft jams, dream of the good times (if you think it will help).

Opening October 2nd from 7pm - 12am.

Who needs sleep numbers and memory foam, we got Jon Autry.

60 dreams, 60 pieces of ambient music, 60 minutes long...

Each is individually numbered and conveniently bundled with a small pillow (featuring handmade, embroidered pillowcases by Joan Hutcheson) and sleeping mask.


Jon Autry is a human man, making lonely sounds alone. Jon has performed at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, SXSW in Austin, Texas and at Frank Lloyd Wright's estate, Taliesin in Wisconsin. His music has also been featured several times on NPR's "This American Life," as well as in several episodes of the emmy-winning television version on Showtime. Jon currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


Sleep is one of the things I love most in life. Unfortunately, for a very long time, I've had a very unhealthy relationship with it. Sleeping too much. Sleeping too little. Can't get to sleep. Can't wake up. A sleep schedule that slips around the clock leaving me waking at 7am some times and 7pm others. Bad mattresses, noisy neighbors and nightmares. The perfect sleep always seems to elude me.

I've tried many things to solve this problem: Stretching, herbal tea, pain-relievers, reading, counting, visualizing various things, clearing my mind, watching movies... However, listening to music has long been my method of choice. Over the years I've slowly altered my bedtime music selections, looking for the perfect music to get lost and drift away in. Never quite finding the perfect solution, I began to think about what helped me the most and started considering writing and recording a piece for my own use, which is what inspired the creation of these pieces.

Hopefully, one of these 60 pieces of music will bring you a restful sleep.

Sweet Dreams,
Jon Autry

Mt. Comfort
1651 English (corner of State and English)
Indianapolis, IN


Exhibition title: "Parables in Black and White"

Ted Stanuga's paintings speak about complexities, both
personal and cultural.

"It's the culmination of work and experiences outside of the
art world that have impacted me the most. Right now most
of my work is in black and white. As I saw more color in
this apparent limitation, the work became a reflection on or
a meditation about our culture, like so much bunting at a
funeral. Mine (funeral), which gets closer every day, and the
failed American experiment in Democracy one can
experience every evening watching our liberties evaporate
on the news."

Exhibition dates: Oct.2nd, 2009 - Oct. 31st, 2009
Opening reception will be Friday, Oct. 2nd from 5:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

ARTBOX Gallery
217 West Tenth Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Big Car Gallery

October 2nd Bigfoot Sightings at Big Car

Friday October 2nd, 6 p.m. - 12 a.m.
1043 Virginia Avenue
Suite 215
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Part of the Big Curiosities events, and Big foot expert Jeffery Meldrum coming to talk September 30th. Big Car encouraged people to draw what they thought Bigfoot looked like at various events such as First Fridays, Penrod, Oranje, and Masterpiece In A Day.

Also Masterpiece In A Day Winners will be on display.
1-Danielle Wheeler--"In Each Other's Faces We Take Out Lines, Streets, Stories"
2- Cindy Ragsdale---"Parade Rest"
3 - John Hawn -- "She Paints a Poem"

Best in show: Jessica Dunn- _O_N_A_N Sqaure
Category pick 2D-Kyle Ragsdale--Fountainless Square
Runner up 2D-Thomas J. Lemanski- The 65/70 Split
Category pick 3-D-Lukas Schoder-Cabinet of Curiosities
Runner up 3D-- Lauren Ditchley--All In A Day

Matt Kalasky and Nat Russell---presented by iMOCA at the Murphy Art Center

iMOCA brings local artist Matt Kalasky and west coast based artist Nat Russell to the Murphy Art Center to show Sasquatch inspired artwork.

Bootleg Exhibitions

Grand Opening of Bootleg Exhibitions
This space has been provided by SEND
(Southeast Neighborhood Development - )

Bootleg Exhibitions: Vol. 1
Group Show
1656 English Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46201
On the corner of English Ave. and State St.
Across from Mt. Comfort Gallery
First Friday - Oct. 2nd, 6 - 10pm

Exhibiting Artists:
George Benedict Murray III
Jenny Buffington
Araan Schmidt
Dominic Sansone
Lauren Kussro
Stacey M. Holloway
Aaron Nicholson
Erin Harper Vernon
Brose Partington
Aaron Thornburg
Shi-fen Liu
Jason Bord
Michelle Thornburg
Schuyler Maehl
Halldor Arnar Ulfarsson

4 Responses to “Weekend Preview”

JC said...
October 1, 2009 at 6:43 PM

You've got the date wrong for Mt.Comfort. It's October 2, not 3.

Scott said...
October 1, 2009 at 8:02 PM

Thanks JC, I corrected it.

Anonymous said...
October 4, 2009 at 11:02 AM

This was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Will they have regular hours?

Scott said...
October 4, 2009 at 12:19 PM

Hi Anonymous,
I am uncertain as to which of the above shows you are specifically referring to but I do believe all of the above will have some regular hours except for the Bootleg Exhibitions show. I think that show was a weekend only show, but I could be wrong on that one. As for the hours for the other shows, check for the link to those particular venues in the sidebar. If those venues are not open on a day that you would like to see the show, many of them are often willing to open up with an appointment. Enjoy the shows.

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