Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Down But Not Out...

Most of you have probably been thinking that the content here has been quite slow the past couple of weeks, while others are probably wondering why I have not yet responded to emails. Well, I have been computer less for awhile now. A had a mishap with a bottle of water and my laptop while attempting to answer my cell phone. For some reason the electrical components of my laptop did not quite take to some spilled water. Nearly lost my hard drive but was, in the end, able to back up most of my files to an external drive. I had a couple brief reviews I had wanted to post from last First Friday but they, in the process of savagely attempting to back up my files, were misfiled or lost in the process. [Note to self: title all text documents.] Sorry to those of you whose shows I had hoped to post about. I am now awaiting a new laptop, should arrive in 2-3 weeks, which shall allow me to resume my usual connection to the blog and my emails. As it is now, I am using another computer today to catch up on some posts and emails. So, if you please, bare with me and we will soon be back to business as usual. This month we may actually have another guest blogger who I believe is planning on posting some reviews of a show or two. So without further ado, I shall soon have a few new posts up tonight. Thank you.

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