Thursday, February 07, 2008

Poll #2

The newest poll question is to the right.

Please use the comment section of this post to discuss your favorite galleries and if you happened to choose "other" tell us here which gallery happens to be your favorite. I chose not to include the Herron, IMA, and iMOCA galleries as they do not sell art.

To recap our last poll, "What is your association to the Indianapolis art scene?", we had a total of 42 responses. I was hoping for more people to respond, but we can get an idea of our readers from their responses.

Artists: 54%
Arts Professionals: 33%
Arts Writers/Critics: 2%
Art Collectors: 7%
Simply Art Lovers: 21%
Lives Outside Indy: 9%

3 Responses to “Poll #2”

Scott said...
February 13, 2008 at 1:11 AM

I must say, I am believe we are having our own super tuesday in our poll, as I get the distinct impression some campaining has been going on. For those who have been voting, I would truely like to see people discuss here, "why". Why, is the gallery you chose your favorite? Do they put on the strongest exhibitions? Do they have the nicest exhibition space? Is it the best lighting in a local gallery? Is it the atmosphere? The parties they throw? Do they do the best job promoting their artists? Do they get the best crowds?

For me, my favorite gallery at this time is Flux. It is not without its flaws. The space is small, they do not do shows monthly (but will next year), lighting could be better, and the amount of wall space is limited. But, despite those issues, I love the feel of the space, as it is both humble and challenging. I feel they have a put on some excellent shows that are not predictable. With every show the space gets better as they continue to improve upon their gallery. I also like the fact that they typically do solo exhibitions, which tend to be my favorite way to experience an artists work. So, at this time, Flux has my vote.

e said...
February 14, 2008 at 1:31 PM

Whether it's in a gallery, alternative space, or just a coffee shop, there is little I enjoy more than creating my own display. I don't think of my work as just items to hang and sell. I like to measure walls, make pieces specifically for the space, design my own exhibit, manage the flow of the pieces, and create an experience for the viewer. (If I could paint the walls, choose the music, bring the refreshments, adjust the thermostat, etc, I would!) So for me, nothing beats a solo show with the opportunity to hang the work myself. I voted for "Other" with Pivot Gallery/former Stutz Art Gallery in mind. Exotic layout and all, I'll be sad to see them go!

Scott said...
February 14, 2008 at 2:10 PM

I too feel the same way about exhibiting my work. I enjoy the hands on aspect of creating the entire environment that the work is to be seen in. Given two different spaces with the same body of works, I believe the outcome of the display would each have its own feel. In all fairness, I did not place Pivot on the poll list for the very reason that they are closing. That said, they are and have been my least favorite venue to view art. I appreciate all that they have done and their generosity in offering up their space, but the zigzaging walls and hallway like feeling, leaves more to be desired. And I never felt quite comfortable viewing art on an opening from someones cubicle. But Pivot will be missed by the community.

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